Mobile is haunting of most consumers today. Businesses can take advantage of this feature to reach customers and sell products.
The number of mobile phones are available in the market has nearly the entire world population. Statistics of Facebook that half of the members frequently accessed from mobile devices. When away from home, you can forget the wallet, but indispensable mobile phone.
With the advertising market in particular and the general mobile marketing (mobile marketing) is entering a period of rapid growth, strong and have high applicability. The small and medium enterprises, business traders will have a customer approaches are not too costly and can bring unexpected results for sales

 1. SMS/MMS Marketing

Businesses can use the service sms / mms (message / multimedia message) to reach customers through the introduction of messaging products, services promotions, sales events … her.
The right choice of potential customers is an important thing for a campaign to use this tool. Moreover, enterprises should store information current customers, potential customers to your customer service before and after sale-in best through sms / mms.
A birthday message birthday client’s customers can also impress and attract the attention of customers. Businesses can use the service brand message or messages from the service head of credibility on the market today. But it is noted, avoid using excessive services, will cause discomfort, counterproductive and violate the law on advertising.
Also sms, businesses and business people can send mms messaging clients include images or sounds, video clips. Message format helps customers more impressed with the message that you want transcribed


One of the most classic application of mobile marketing is still latelesales (sales through phone calls). Businesses can offer customers, partners form calls. Customer care and after-sales calls with very efficient, making the customer in mind and more impressed now.
After customers buy products or services, you can call customer thank loving use, ask about feelings and effects of new products when used … or every 6 months, 12 customer inquiries call once, this will make customers feel about the company’s dedication and sellers. You will see the incredible efficiency of the phone call customer service like this.

3. Email Marketing

When customers visit the company’s website, purchase of businesses, encourage them to register as a member or please email addresses of customers, because today most people who use cell phones are smart using email on the phone. Percentage reach customers via email on the phone even higher than the email client used by desktop or laptop.
Businesses can send email marketing to thank customers, introducing promotions, incentives, articles relating to products, services or articles related to the customer. Optimize messages and pictures via email by mobile devices is limited by screen size and sometimes the connection speed. It should adhere to the law and avoid advertising “spam email”.

 4. Mobile Searching

When customers use search engines on mobile phones or mobile devices means that they are in demand search services, products, places nearby or they are likely demand for understand. Businesses may be of interest to service mSEO (optimized mobile search) and Google Adwords paid search. Currently customers demand mobile search very large because of its convenience, so that your brand appear on the search engine (Google) on mobile is a significant competitive advantage .

5. Social Networking

Today, everything can be shared on social networks. Most customers use mobile phones are “playing” one or a few social networking services that, for example, in Vietnam, most customers are using Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Skype, Viber … and sign in for regular service on mobile phones or other mobile devices.
Take advantage of all the features of a mobile smart client, turning the mobile phone customers and clients become an advertiser full confidence of the business brand.
It is possible to create a space “take a selfie” restaurant customers photography; or should have incentive programs for customers “check-in” on Facebook … In addition, businesses can also use the free features of Code QR codes, Microsoft Tags 2D … to establish an electronic business card, insert website address, the message including images and content sent to customers so that customers can scan the code and instantly accessible, has increased the stylish, has more experience for customers.


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