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The Patient Experience is not just another initiative you can measure and plan your way through; it requires direct, personal and in-the-moment efforts to achieve the greatest results.”
– The Beryl Institute, The State of Patient Experience, 2013
Today’s providers are confronted with an increasing number of challenges with multiple clinics, hospital facilities and doctor offices, all spread out geographically and tenuously connected with numerous, varied phone or communications systems. Add to that a constant stream of patients contacting your institution with needs as diverse as prescription refills, clinical questions, directions, appointment scheduling and billing. Imagine being able to not only effortlessly navigate patients to the right area the first time but also have the right employee with the right skill set available and empowered to resolve the patient’s medical issues. Aspect® Healthcare creates this type of patient-focused ecosystem through a purpose-built, unified environment for multi-site healthcare organizations.

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Transforming Patient Care. Aspect

Visualize patients interacting with your healthcare system through a single point of contact in a security-enabled, enterprise-wide process. Envision empowered staff having access to a 360-degree view of the patient interaction and being able to efficiently manage it. Realize coordinated processes and care across departments so you can achieve your singular goal of cost-effectively elevating the patient experience. Aspect Healthcare makes this and more possible.
Seamless Patient Interactions: Provide seamless patient interactions through any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web, and social channels, allowing patients to effortlessly move from self-service to a live agent. Need to change an appointment? No problem. Your patients choose their preferred communication channel. Have a billing question? Again, no problem. By putting patients first, you inspire them to proactively participate in their care.
Proactive Patient Engagement: Automate alerts to notify patients of needed follow up tests or appointments – even provide the ability to reschedule as part of proactive outreach so provider schedules are optimized. Educate healthcare consumers on preventative care and wellness programs. Remind patients to take their medication or that a prescription needs to be refilled. Proactively engage with patients when complaints spike.
Healthcare Staff Empowerment: Empowered employees create positive patient experiences. Provide a 360 degree view of all patient speech and text interactions, giving your staff a complete history to draw upon when working with a patient. Intelligent routing ensures that the best resources are available to handle specific calls (emergency vs. routine appointments, specialties, billing inquiries), creating a positive work environment. Surface coaching opportunities by monitoring calls in real-time for certain pre-defined spoken or omitted phrases that conform to business rules or regulations (such as HIPPA privacy regulations) so supervisors can quickly intervene.
Healthcare Process Management: Process management is synonymous with fulfilling promises to your patients. Not only does it optimize how work is distributed, but it also provides in-depth process intelligence that promotes a culture of continuous improvement. By applying the principles and technology of back office optimization, providers can reduce their operational costs.
Technology Partnerships: Transforming the patient experience requires a critical evaluation of not only patient-facing processes, but also the supporting processes and procedures. Aspect’s healthcare team includes more than fifty healthcare specialists with professional certification and experience in clinical, healthcare technology and related fields. These professionals can collaborate with you to address specific issues within your organization that are preventing your healthcare system from running smoothly. Perhaps explore how nurses can access easy-to-use, walk-up wall kiosks to collaborate on the interpretation of unit and department-specific quality data, as well as map out actionable steps to better align with unit, department, and corporate strategies and goals. As a Microsoft go-to partner for healthcare provider solutions, Aspect can help you streamline your processes and achieve more positive patient outcomes.


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