Call Recording – Create a Competitive Advantage

Using call recording in a contact center shouldn’t become overwhelming for agents. Let call recordings create your competitive advantage.
First of all, you should not decide to apply recording software simply because you want to listen to the call again. For the purpose of effective use of the call recording function, for example to find the cause of a “good” or “bad” call, identify the relevant influencing factors, thereby providing solutions through training or tweaking the process… You won’t be able to get the most out of call recording if you plan to use it in the first place to minimize the number of unsatisfactory  telephone agents . request or deal with a legal problem.

Listening to their own calls, the operators will recognize the problems that need to be fixed

Listening to their own calls, the operators will recognize the problems that need to be fixed

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“Implement recording software and add quality monitoring tools as an innovative program,” advises Wint. “If you consider the recording for mandatory use, you will not receive a return on this investment.”
Second, you should consider allowing  telephoners  to access the recording system to listen back to the call.” This is not commonly done by contact centers, however we support its use – for agents to “take advantage of the direct benefits of call recording” – said Paul Manyweathers, director of technology distributor Activa.
“Many businesses consider call recording as a  management tool and therefore only management can use and listen to recorded calls. Paul also points out that “when answers  listen to their own calls, they begin to recognize the problems they need to fix, thereby building ways to make successful calls.”
Finally, whether or not you allow the  telephone operator  to have access to their recordings, try to have them evaluate the work directly.
“How many times have you heard the phrase: I don’t know I said that, from a  telephone operator,” says Manyweathers. “With the opportunity to self-assess, the  callers  can record all the necessary information, transfer the issue to the manager or call back to the customer, helping to improve the customer experience.
“Moreover, when giving a performance-based scorecard, the  telephone agents  can compare the results of the manager’s evaluation. This will help build rapport and confidence not only in the technology but also in the entire quality process. Basically, it gives the  telephoners  a clear sense of improvement in their work.


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