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When a customer survey is structured and managed effectively, it can help reduce customer attrition, build the brand, and improve profitability. Interaction Feedback® lets you create and manage surveys to better quantify customer perceptions and pinpoint key areas for improvement. Find out if your service organization is delivering the experience your customers expect from the ultimate authority – the voice of your customers.
Interaction Feedback is built into the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) platform and application suite for quick deployment and low ownership costs. No per-survey charges are incurred, giving your organization the option to decide on a customer survey strategic based on the value it delivers, not the cost to run it.
Part of a comprehensive workforce optimization suite
Interaction Feedback is a part of the Interactive Intelligence Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, a comprehensive solution for optimizing workforce performance to achieve operational goals. Seamless integration with the Interactive Intelligence all-in-one contact center solution ensures quick deployment, lower operating costs, and worry-free operation. Interactive Intelligence WFO provides feature-rich functionality for interaction recording, workforce management, quality management, customer feedback, strategic planning, and real-time speech analytics.
Cloud or on-premises
Interactive Intelligence offers your choice of a complete on-premises solution, a cloud solution, or a managed service. You can even migrate your cloud solution to your own site at any time, seamlessly, without incurring downtime or losing applications.
Rules-based survey delivery: Determine which calls receive survey invitations. Determine which survey to use for each call.
Flexible survey initiation:  Invite customers to “opt-in” before speaking with an agent and automatically transfer them when the call is finished. Have agents invite customers to participate and transfer them at the end of the call. Provide a call-in number for customers to complete a survey at their convenience.
Real-time monitoring and alerts: Monitor the number of surveys in process, completed, abandoned or alerting. Configure and receive alerts for survey scores below pre-set thresholds.
Proactive service recovery: Receive immediate results when a survey score falls below threshold. Immediately identify dissatisfied customers and resolve their issues.
Full context understanding: Review the survey score in context with other information about the interaction without having to search for and correlate information from other systems.
Reporting: Feedback summary and detail information. External (survey) and internal (quality monitoring) score comparison.


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