Almost people in Vietnam, when referring to the country and people of Japan have expressed his admiration and respect for the efforts and sustainable value that people bring Japan. Sentiment was also nourished by more than 2000 members of Minh Phuc Co., Ltd (MP Telecom) are working hard day and night throughout North, Central and South Vietnam.

Over 11 years with Contact Center and BPO industry, there are many opportunities MP Telecom exchanges and feel about the country and people of your country. In MP Telecom, who is also known slogan “Respect is successful” is derived from a visit to the beautiful country of Japan leadership the company more than 5 years. From the very real sense of the culture of respect for the Japanese people in everyday working lives, we were really impressed and poignant that the cultural values ​​that are the source of all the development.

MP Telecom has the huge advantage of the young workforce of skilled and low cost. Besides developing business plans, we focus on training human resources capable of flexibly meet the needs of each project. At the same time we also built a staff fluent Japanese, learn about Japanese culture, and have a professional working style. With over 2,000 employees working in three key economic regions of Vietnam, Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, we are confident and ready to respond to major projects.

MP Telecom is the first company in the field of Contact Center at Vietnam to receive international certification for quality management processes ISO 9001: 2008. Additionally, we also carry out the building of the security standard ISO 27000 security of information systems with strict censorship process from the stage of the customer survey to ask stages of acceptance and product delivery. MP Telecom is currently promoting packages BPO non-voice services, such as image processing, web design, data entry, digitization for retail companies, telecom operators, the units of the education sector in Japan . We will continue to expand and develop additional projects outsourcing services for accounting, finance, HR (Payroll) etc. to meet the demands concentration and specialization of the cost reductions Japanese companies, especially after the recent tsunami.

Especially in Japan, MP Telecom has established MP Company Japan (www.mptelecom.jp) # 9 based in Saint-Catherina 6th floor building. 36-12 Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan, is the official representative of MP Telecom connection cooperation with Japanese partners.

Vietnamese Nguyen Trung, General Director of Minh Phuc Co., Ltd, said: “The BPO projects implemented by MP Telecom for Japanese businesses have contributed to more stable employment opportunities for young workers in Vietnam Men, help stabilize livelihoods and gender equality for many areas. It’s great motivation to help us try harder, bringing all its capabilities to better meet customer needs. “

Journal article posted on the 40th anniversary of Japan-Vietnam relations


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