On March 6, MPTelecom organized the program “MP Spring Market” to celebrate  International Women’s Day 8/3 in all 3 regions, this day has become an annual day for us to honor grandmothers, mothers, and mothers. sisters, sisters – important women in our lives.

As Uncle Ho said, “Vietnam’s countryside is woven and embroidered by our women, young and old, making it more beautiful and brilliant”. Wishing MP Telecom sisters always fresh and beautiful flowers. , success and happiness in life.

With elaborately decorated stalls, snacks prepared by the sisters, and homegrown musical performances, the show has a lively and youthful atmosphere, full of enthusiasm. . The program was a great success with the contributions of all MP brothers and sisters.

Photos of Minh Phuc Spring Market Hanoi Branch

Booth themed “Spring Market” of Trieu Khuc branch, VAS, HH3


Viettel 1’s booth and the opening dance of the show


Well done, look at the MP boys showing off their flower arrangement and presentation skills!


The game of tug of war and the running competition is always the most enthusiastically cheered on

Photos of Minh Phuc Spring Market Da Nang Branch

At the DN branch, there were also many activities such as: Booth decoration, culinary kitchen, Collective games (Breakfast pot, blindfolded catching goats…), Flower arrangement contest,… very exciting.

cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nangMp-da-nang cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nang-1 cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nang-2 cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nang-3 cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nang-4 cho-xuan-mp-2015-da-nang-5

Photos of Minh Phuc Spring Market Ho Chi Minh branch

In HCM, it is equally bustling with the program: “Sending Love” including activities: Booth decoration, Mr. , throwing rings, throwing eggs,…) with gifts, taking pictures in traditional costumes,…



With the enthusiastic help of brothers and sisters from all departments throughout the company, the organizers successfully implemented the program “CHU XUAN MP”  at all 3 branches. On March 8, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you and Minh Phuc’s officers and employees who have made an important contribution to the success of the program.


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