Today, although we have more ways to communicate than ever before, many companies continue to pick up the phone in the hope that the person they are calling will become a customer in the future. In fact, for some businesses telemarketing or telesales is still one of the most effective direct selling techniques they apply.


However, not every telemarketing/ telesales call out campaign is a guarantee of success. Here are the top 8 reasons managers should take note:

1. Not collecting enough data

Not every call made in a telemarketing/telesales campaign will achieve the desired results, but each call is an opportunity to gather valuable data. These data can be used to develop market insights, improve strategy, and make the necessary adjustments to turn a weak program into a high-performing campaign. Good.

2. Do not make adjustments

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity” is a well-acknowledged and respected adage, but one that is often neglected in telemarketing/telesales call out campaign. Despite the fact that each call provides an opportunity to collect customer data and feedback, many companies do not review that data and feedback, and as a result do not take action at all. necessary adjustments that, if any, will significantly improve campaign performance.

3. Human Resources

There is nothing more important than the person making the calls in a telemarketing/telesales campaign. To put it simply, a telemarketing campaign is usually only as good as having good callers. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, finding people capable of doing sales calls can sometimes be difficult. You need to find a partner with the full experience, process and means to successfully complete the recruitment and training of personnel in terms of education, qualifications and necessary specialized skills.

4. Sales and marketing are not clearly defined

Many organizations have lumped sales and marketing together, but it’s important to remember that they are two different things. While it is certainly not possible to use a telemarketing call out campaign to drive sales (for many companies that is the ultimate goal). It’s important to realize that if you’re focusing on sales, the nature of your campaign and its requirements will be different as well.

5. Not clearly defined goals and expectations

Setting clear goals and setting the right expectations is crucial for a successful telemarketing campaign. To go further, business owners often have an unrealistic conception of what a telemarketing campaign can deliver, and in fast or slow time. One of the most common myths: Dealers must try to get customers on the first call.

6. Lack of Creativity

Calling out over the phone doesn’t quite require as much creativity as some other professions, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity here. There are many telemarketing/telesales campaigns that only require the tellers to approach through a set scenario. This will make the work tedious even though everything is well prepared. Sometimes this is not the main reason for failure, but it is a good idea to look at how employees communicate with customers.

7. Time

Calling out marketing or sales involves hitting the target audience with the right message and at the right time. Those who have ever received a phone call from a certain marketing campaign at 9:05 a.m. Monday or at 4:50 p.m. Friday can attest: Telemarketing/telesales campaigns are not the right time. are also scheduled at a reasonable time.

8. Lack of mutual interaction

Many businesses think that outsourcing services is to give all rights and obligations to the provider. This is one of the misconceptions and one of the main reasons for the failure of telemarketing/telesales outsourced campaigns. There is no better and guaranteed way for success than the active collaboration between the business and the service provider so that they can gain a comprehensive and in-depth view of the product/service, to understand how direction as well as specific requirements in each stage of implementation, to connect support in all stages of marketing and sales in order to achieve the ultimate goal of having more customers and increasing revenue for the business. Friend.

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