Advanced infrastructure and technology spreading across 3 regions of Vietnam

Infrastructure and Technology

With the infrastructure network spreading across 3 regions of Vietnam: the North, the Centre and the South, MP has geographical advantage for businesses wishing to deploy a professional customer service system throughout Vietnam territory. MP Telecom has invested carefully on the infrastructure system to get the harmonic connection and ensure the unity and professional level. The working areas for managers, office staff, call agents, and the meeting facility, training room, dining and entertainment venues are equipped with comfortable and environment-friendly facilities, which will inspire a creative working atmosphere.


What factors make up a professional technology system? This question has always been set by MP Telecom’s directors before every project of contact center deployment. Of course, the answer depends on many aspects, including purpose, size, channels of communication (phone, email, chat, fax, sms, etc.), and placement of the contact center. A contact center may require a complex and sophisticated technology system or just a simple operation system, this depends on business needs of each organization. MP Telecom always has the most advanced solutions, applications, and tools to operate any contact centers. But more importantly, with every customer we will take careful scrutiny, to make the best choices in terms of technology. It is a challenge that only those units with rich experience can confidently solve basically and scientifically. Some basic technologies that MP Telecom has been deploying for contact center systems include:

  • Inbound/ Outbound call handling system (PBX)
  • Automatic Call Distribution system (ACD)
  • Customer Relation Management system (CRM)
  • Automatic voice recognition and Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR)
  • Interaction Dialer
  • Quality Management system (QM)
  • Campaign Management system (CMS)
  • Workforce Management system (WFM)
  • Call recording system
  • Monitoring system
  • Reporting system
  • Server system
  • Web collaboration management system
  • Disaster Recovery and Fail-over management system
  • Computer Telephony Integration system (CTI)
  • Time devision multiplexing (TDM) và Internet Protocol (IP)

Having redundancy mechanism of active/ backup N+1 for servers, MP Telecom ensure that the systems works 24/7 with the stability and availability of up to 99.99%. In addition, the cache technology (PMQ) help reporting data in the systems always be conserved, even in case Database Server becomes corrupted.

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