People & Culture

People are the most important asset and success factor of any business. In customer care area, this factor is more highly valued. Therefore, we all make careful plans for human resource management in every stage from recruitment to training under strict ISO procedures.

With the pioneering position in the field of customer care in Vietnam and over 19 years of development and growth, each MP Telecom’s member is now filled with rich experience to bring customers the best service. Although our customers come from many different business sectors such as telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, securities, aviation, electronics, manufacturing, etc., MP Telecom staff always get trust from customers based on their flexibility and deep knowledge of many specific expertise.

MP Telecom people with professional skills have been recognized by our partners and customers in and outside the country such as Aspect, Interactive Intelligence, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Renault, PPF Vietnam Finance, 4 Oranges, MobiFone, VinaPhone, Viettel, CMCTI, VTC Care, VCTV, TLSI, SSI, TVSI, VP Bank, Agribank, Ocean Bank, VIB Bank, Prudential, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, etc. With customer-oriented workflows, MP Telecom ensures to quality and progress of any project in any scale.

Culture is what remained after all the others were forgotten. In MP Telecom, all everyone know the slogan of Respect for Success. The culture of Respect is reflected in every thought and action, but the first thing to mention is the talent appointing policies stemmed from the leadership and spread to each management level and individual behavior. MP Telecom leaders take care of the business common interests and interest of every worker. Therefore, the leaders are responsible to lift living standards for workers and this greatly affects the development strategy of the company.

“Respecting culture, combined with other core values such as Discipline, Proactive, Flexibility, Temwork, has created the family working atmosphere. All members of the MP Telecom are connected to each other in common share of success and that is the greatest motivation to create cohesion and strength of a dynamic group. MP Telecom leaders always take care of all members in every aspect of life including filial and happy issues, illness, childbirth, etc.
Characterized by activities in customer care area that MP Telecom always have large-scale staff, from 2,000 to 2,500 employees, therefore activities of solidarity and charity has been further boosted. In addition, our entertainment or sightseeing programs are organized very scientifically and imposingly that help everyone get chances to share “spiritual food” with one another within the company as well as exchange with other cultures. In particular, MP Telecom’s members have always been facilitated to take part in suitable training courses with the company’s capital.”



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