We all want to be successful and happy. In the hierarchy of success, the highest expression is the “need for self-actualization”, according to the management philosophy of Maslow. So, like you, how to find the job you want, succeed at work, in relationships in particular and succeed in life in general. Discover the secrets of success to better yourself.

Build confidence and courage
What is the difference between people who are confident that they will succeed and those who do not believe in themselves. Where we live does not make that difference but how we accept and handle things ourselves. Optimists know how to overcome failures to reach their goals, while pessimists have depressed thoughts that want to give up everything and take negative actions.
To have a strong belief in yourself and enough energy to overcome the failures and bumps of life, you should practice step by step. Although it is very difficult and requires patience, it brings many miracles to your own life. To be confident, you must first pay attention to cultivating both professional knowledge and rules of behavior and etiquette. Next is the appearance. The face is always fresh, the clothes are neat, suitable for each situation.

Personality Training
We Vietnamese people have a famous saying “Golden mountains are easy to change, nature is hard to move.” Nature is the expression of a person’s personality and morality. Character training is influenced by family upbringing, and social community. A person with a dignified, elegant and understanding personality is sure to be loved and trusted by many.

Exercise and take care of your body
Health is priceless, once you are healthy you can shoulder the work easily and efficiently. Sometimes because work is busy and we are so absorbed in it, we forget to take care of ourselves and exercise our body. No matter how busy you are, you should get enough sleep and on time. At least 6 hours a day and not staying up too late will easily lead to cardiovascular disease and lead to poor mental clarity, lack of clarity.
Every day you should spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour in the early morning or afternoon or evening to exercise. This helps you have a healthy body and prolong youth.

Cultivate professional knowledge and never stop learning
The advantage of mastering your expertise makes others listen to you. Therefore, you should choose a specialty that is absolutely necessary for the job and at the same time train, research and practice to apply it to your work in the most effective way. That is the best way to help you quickly get promoted and advance in your career.

Good use of mother tongue
Very few young people pay attention to practicing their mother tongue and learning how to use them effectively. Why? Part of them think that the mother tongue everyone knows how to use and understand it from birth, there is no need to study and practice anymore. Another part is because the language ability of each person is different, each region is also different. Therefore, some people communicate with very good and precise words, persuading people to go deep into the hearts of others, others are confused, very poorly expressed and lack persuasion. To overcome this, you should regularly read literary books, newspapers – specialized magazines, pay attention to the good speeches of politicians or other Culturalists… to increase your vocabulary at the same time. take public speaking courses and practice them every day.

Responsible for the work
It doesn’t matter whether you are a manager or an ordinary employee, the important thing is that you have a sense of responsibility for the work you undertake that will help you succeed and advance. So when you accept to do something, do your best, put all your heart and time into doing it on schedule, then success will come to you.

Memory training
“Memory is the ocean, we swim on it to our future”
Quick memory is somewhat innate and depends on the sensitivity of each person. However, we can still maintain memory longevity and increase its speed by practicing. Memory is durable or not depends a lot on the training process of each person. To remember something deeply, we must focus on memorizing images, and at the same time associate something close to you every day and remember them for a few minutes. Then you should regularly review it to help you consolidate and not quickly forget.
Human memory is also full and aging at times, we have to regularly remove small things that are not memorable to update new and useful ones. At the same time, you should regularly practice with games such as: Solve crosswords, solve funny puzzles, jigsaw puzzles… It’s also a way to help you strengthen your memory and prolong your life.



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