60% of Vietnamese graduates go to school to work in the wrong field, according to statistics of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, which is often considered worrisome. However, doing the opposite of the industry is easy to succeed – this is the practical experience of Google leaders applying.
Working against the industry – how Google works
To succeed in the age of technology and the Internet, a company must attract “Smart Creative” employees and create an enabling environment for them to thrive.
That is the view that Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg make in their book “How Google Works”. In this book, Google Executive Chairman Schmidt and Vice President Rosenberg outline what they learned as they built Google into a multi-hundred billion dollar giant.


Thanks to the “Smart Creative” industry theory, Google became the largest company in the world with things “like no other”.

Jonathan Rosenberg said: “What matters is that you live in a dynamic world, with conditions and environments changing rapidly. Things like experience or how we work won’t matter. In fact, it’s old experience and knowledge that makes us reluctant to try new solutions.”
The story of Laszlo Bock, Vice President of Google in the book is similar: “When two people face the same problem, the expert will say: I have had this problem a hundred times, and here’s how Meanwhile, non-experts will come up with almost the same solution, because in fact most business problems are usually not too difficult, sometimes they will come up with complete solutions. all new.”
Do Tuan Anh, founder of Appota, a company valued at tens of millions of dollars, is an example of this trend. Appota has entered the TOP 10 most investment-worthy technology startups in Southeast Asia, but the leader is a graduate of the Faculty of History. The development of the service delivery industry on smartphones, a completely new field that few Vietnamese businesses at that time thought of, required Do Tuan Anh to tinker with technology solutions, skills and ways of thinking on his own. unique that no school or experience can provide.


Do Tuan Anh, a history student, founder of a million dollar startup.

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