When using the data input services and handle the accounting process (finance and accounting outsourcing) of MPTELECOM, customers can save up to about the cost and time of business as well as improving work efficiency. Thanks to the staff who have been professionally trained and system infrastructure with modern technology, we are confident of providing customer accounting services products quality and maximumefficiency in terms of cost, time.

Outsourcing Finance/Accounting

Introducing the staff of financial accounting-machining MPTELECOM:

  • Most of the employees are able to communicate fluently with clients in Japan, has ever experienced in cooperation with several Japanese partners in areas such as data entry, web design, logo design, upload the information onto the web page to the client, etc.
  • Most of the employees are gaining competence in Japanese N1, N2 according thestandard of language ability examination that Japan held.
  • Ability to read, understand well the Japanese text.
  • Chinese reading comprehension ability from the level 5 kyuu upwards.
  • Japanese experts were trained in accounting to be able to join the accounting capacityexamination held annually in Japan (equivalent level accounting capacity 3 kyuu…)

Financial outsourcing services-accounting MP provides:

  • Can import data mastering the daily transaction accounting of a business.
  • Bookkeeping balance.
  • Check, management of small retail spending cash flow for our customers.
  • Check out the wallet, the funding for the travel of … of a business.
  • Update and account management for customers.
  • Balance the balance sheet.
  • Reviews of monetary flow rotation process.
  • The financial statements as required by the customer.

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Hotline: +84 9363.374.86 – Tel: +84-4-3577 1608/  3577 1609

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