In recent years, HR profession is becoming one of the attractive professions because human resources workers can find jobs in many companies/enterprises operating in many different business fields. In addition to their core duties, they can recruit and retain qualified employees to work for the company/enterprise, act as a bridge between leaders and company employees…

However, not everyone can become a professional HR specialist and not everyone can be successful with the profession. The knowledge you are trained in College – University is only the first step, you also need to have the qualities that the HR profession requires.

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So, what are the essential qualities of the HR profession?
HR profession
That is the dedication, composure, maturity and carefulness, listening skills, ability assessment skills of employees; The subtlety in communication and most importantly, the desire for each individual in the team to develop to the best of their ability.
1. Devotion
This is considered the first quality that human resource workers, especially human resource managers, who are looking to become human resource managers need. They need to be dedicated to their profession and to the employees in the company/enterprise.
Dedication to the profession is seen as being responsible and passionate about the profession. They will not give personal reasons to neglect work. In addition, human resource workers need to understand their obligations to employees so that they can pay more attention to the spiritual and material lives of company employees.
As we all know, HR is the person who takes care of the interests of all employees on issues such as: Training policy, salary, social welfare and how to organize the human resources effectively. fruit. They must do their best, not afraid of difficulties to come up with many ideas and policies that benefit employees. For example: Human resources workers should know the employee’s birthday to give flowers and celebrate their birthday on behalf of the Director or celebrate at the wedding parties of members of the company… Depending on the size of the company Large or small businesses let HR staff have different regimes for their employees, but firmly believe that just small gestures are the glue that helps employees be motivated to work and stay connected. a longer relationship with your company….
2. Know how to listen
A good listener is someone who always looks directly at the employee who is talking to you, asks the opposite questions of the employee, and does not interrupt the speaker to understand how to sympathize with them.
For example: If an employee wants to meet you to talk, you should pause all unfinished work to meet them. You should not be typing or staring at the computer screen while talking to them, they will feel disrespected. Or when they share, comment on something that is happening at the company or comment on the welfare policy… you should show sympathy to them. What is received, you should present to the Director to get more appropriate policies.
Therefore, knowing how to listen to employees talk, you will really have more ideas to build a growing company as well as you can understand the thoughts and aspirations of your employees better.
3. Evaluate and develop employees’ abilities
One of the typical qualities of a person working in the HR profession is to know how to evaluate and develop the capabilities of employees. First, you need to make it clear that the existing talent in the company/Business are the ones you’ve been looking for. Then, you draw up a plan to evaluate the ability of employees in each different department to compare their work levels equally or not… From there, you decide who to keep and who needs to be replaced. Who is in that position?
4. The mind and vision of the human resources professional
This is considered the most important and necessary quality of those working in the human resource management industry. If business requires business ethics, if teachers must have the mind of a teacher… then the human resources profession also needs to have a heart for the profession. The heart of the HR profession is understood as the sacrifice and concern for all employees in the company.
Those who have been and are working in human resources need to remember these virtues. Because, sacrifice is a noble gesture for them to show their responsibility and love for their profession. They put aside all personal interests to think about the interests of each employee. For example: The General Director assigns insurance costs to the company’s human resources to be 1 billion VND/year. If the human resources manager is a conscientious person, they will pay full insurance for each employee. That is, they do not reduce or delay the payment of insurance for their employees. In doing so, they have performed their obligations fairly. Or a manager wants an employee to quit because he doesn’t like that employee. If the human resource manager has a heart, they will find out where the problem comes from, they can be a bridge to let their Director better understand the employee he wants to fire, on the contrary, they also have a way to do this. make that employee know how to behave, how to work more effectively… to be recognized and continue working. Thus, the HR person has sacrificed his own interests, which may make the Director angry… but will still use his power and prestige to analyze and explain to the Director to better understand that employee. … Therefore, they are the person who must always stand between the interests of the business owner and the employee, they must be responsible for harmonizing the interests of the two parties, not all things must comply with the directive of the Director. governor.

In addition to being a person who knows how to sacrifice and care about the benefits of employees, each human resource manager needs to have a broad vision of the direction and development strategy of the company to intervene and take advantage of human resources. work force most effectively. They are the ones who know, which employee will do the job well, that position. They are also the ones who help the Director see what the Director needs to decentralize and manage effectively… Not only that, their vision will be sharper and deeper when they know “foresight. ” to analyze problems in the Company/Enterprise. They realize that it is necessary to have training courses so that employees can expand their knowledge and experience to return to serve their Company/Enterprise. Therefore, they will be the one to recommend to the Director for approval of the Company/Enterprise’s resource plan in the future…


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