You got a call from Headhunter, Great! It’s exhilarating to see that you’re “valuable” and that a great job awaits you. But don’t be disappointed, because I know your chance of success is only about 20% then. There are many things Headhunter won’t tell you. Understanding these “secrets” will help you increase your ability to “connect to worthy opportunities”
Are you really suitable for the company Headhunter recommends or not?
Headhunter can tell you about the basic job characteristics & requirements, but other information such as culture, leadership style, weaknesses that need attention of the company… is often quite obscure. Part of them also do not have all the information, partly because as a matchmaker, Headhunter needs the “marriage” between the recruiter and the candidate to happen quickly, so more or less will tend to filter to share a lot in the most important things. positive points and ignore existing limitations.
If you are a smart job seeker, you should actively “follow” worthy companies to be updated step by step with many important inside information. To deepen information about the company, about how to approach an opportunity or successful interview strategy, it is best to get close to the group of employees who have been and are working at the company because they are a reliable source of information. most reliable.
Are you the best candidate?
No matter how the Headhunter flatters you, understand that you are only one of a group of candidates (usually 3-5 people) that they have to send to the recruiter. Therefore, it is possible that you are just a “replacement candidate” because the deadline has come and Headhunter does not have enough documents to “submit”.
But that’s okay, recruiters only partially rely on Headhunter’s recommendation (because they usually work with 2-3 Headhunters at a time and find about 10-15 resumes to filter before interviewing). If you really like the opportunity, put your scoring ability on a well-written and professional Resume. This not only makes it easier for Headhunters to “sell” you, but also helps recruiters quickly get an impression of you among many options.
Does Headhunter help you find a job?
Humm.. They will help you if by chance at that time there is a client who is in need of a candidate like you. Otherwise, of course they will prioritize time to find other candidates for existing customers (because customers pay for them…). Don’t get angry when you call and Headhunter seems to be unenthusiastic or never call you back. Instead, actively “market” yourself to many reputable Headhunters and even the recruitment specialists at the company.
In general, “Know others, know me, hundred battles, hundred victories”. Wish you always seize every opportunity and have a successful career strategy


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