You are conducting a large-scale marketing campaign and you’re looking for a means to transmit particular messages to your potential customers in a fastest, widest and most effective way. Brandname SMS can help you solve the problem.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam in January of 2011, the total number of mobile subscribers is 154 million. Therefore, this will be fertile ground for the implementation of marketing activities. Moreover, the subscribers bringing mobile phones along with them most of the time makes the capability of receiving information become so high and the efficiency measurement also easy.

What is Brandname SMS?

Brandname SMS is an automated message delivery system that automatically sends SMS to customers from your own brand name, thus, your brand name will be displayed in the message that customers receive. The message sender is no longer an anonymous number like 090…, 0123…, but the name of your company or any of your brand names you wish to apply, for example, Heineken, Coca Cola or Mercedes. This will surely bring great confidence to your customers and make them trust you more when they receive these messages.

Scope of application

  • Evaluate and monitor customer response
  • Automatically take care of customers
  • Increase the level of brand awareness for customers
  • Help customers update information about promotions
  • Maintain good relationships with existing customers, increase customer loyalty
  • Organize contests, games or votes on SMS
  • Draw customer attention to an event, which increases sales
  • Make warranty process simple and accurate
  • Help customers easily book special items (with limited quantities)
  • Update data in reports

Service process

  • Create customer lists based on specific criteria of age, region of residence, gender, income, car ownership, high-end residential housing, have children learning in different geographical areas, etc.
  • Make agreement on message content to be transmitted
  • Send SMS to defined customers lists
  • Reports on response rate, transaction success, etc.
  • Analysis and recommendations (if any) for the next phase of implementation.

Why Brandname SMS?

  • High percentage of customers will receive the information as almost 100% of customers will open their phone to take a look at the message when it arrives.
  • Lower cost than traditional advertising channels (TV, newspapers, posters, etc.)
  • Messages can be received anytime and anywhere because the mobile phone is an “inseparable thing” of customers.
  • Businesses can focus on customers with specific criteria of age, gender, area of residence, income, hobbies, etc.
  • Ability to communicate customers on a large scale and in a short time.

Why Brandname SMS with us?

  • With nearly 10 years of experience in Contact Center area, MP Telecom is the leading expert in research, development and application of customer interaction solutions in Vietnam.
  • MP Telecom’s Brandname SMS service has achieved superior performance because we own and deploy the most advanced technology solutions in the world.
  • With ISO 9001: 2008 standardized working process, MP Telecom is committed to ensuring the best quality in every step of the project.
  • Customer information from Brandname SMS projects supplied by MP Telecom are 100% guaranteed.

For more information please contact 

 Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tuấn 
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