Everyone at work has at least once faced a disagreement with a colleague. There are disagreements that do not come from good intentions, it comes from prejudice or worse, jealousy.


Anyone at work has at least once faced a disagreement with a colleague, if that disagreement comes from work, to help complete the project well, that disagreement is still welcome. But there are disagreements that do not stem from that goodwill.
It comes from prejudice or worse, jealousy. When prejudice or disagreement turns into an argument at work, be calm and intelligent in your actions. Settle your problem by following the steps below:
Clarify the issue directly with the person

Come face to face and have a serious conversation about your problems. This may seem very difficult, but this is the most necessary way to frankly find out the cause of this confrontation.
If the tension is so intense that the other person says bad things, you should avoid adding to the tension in the confrontation. Make a tactful comment like, “You are saying rude things to me right now, I don’t think it’s appropriate in an office environment like this. You should speak more politely if you want to continue talking.”
If the controversy continues

Let the coworker know that you will be bringing the matter up to your manager and HR. Be prepared with all the details of the dispute to serve as “evidence”.
Notify the head of the department and the human resources department about this

When the matter has “escalated” to this point, you need to make sure you stay calm and don’t lose your professionalism in the workplace. Please give specific evidence, do not include personal feelings in this.
Your “competitors” will also do these jobs, and your superiors and HR will come up with their own solutions. You should proactively ask to follow up on how they handle your case. Whatever the decision of the human resources department and your superiors, you should respect their decision.
If the problem persists

The worst case scenario is that after doing everything and still can’t save the situation, you can consider the following 2 decisions:
1. Continue to report the problem to higher management
2. Retirement. This seems very unfair to you, you can choose to be a poor innocent person, or go.
Of course, no one wants these bad things to happen to them in the workplace, but if that’s the case, remember to behave properly and professionally. This will help you make a good impression on the company and sometimes will help you a lot in your job search later.

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